Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gospel vs. Spiritual

It's February. This means not only is the month of "love" and my mom's and two good friends' birthdays...but it's also Black History Month. For many of you who don't know me, I love the arts. Acting is my favorite. I love listening to everyone sings except for myself. Also, I love paintings and drawings, though I can't even draw a straight line without it somehow being crooked no matter how hard I try. However, my youth group thought it would be interesting to take a fieldtrip down to the Musuem of Fine Arts right here in Houston and explore around a bit until the 6:30 show about African-American culture. The thing that struck us as amusing was the title of the show, "Gospel vs. Spiritual". I always thought it was the same thing. Gospels simply having spirit. But, tonight I found out I was all wrong as I experienced an overwhelming performance of songs from a wonderful choir. I came un-prepared, so I have no pictures and no video, but the performance will always remain with me. One thing I know now is the difference between the two. Gospel is fast-paced songs that people dance to, while spiritual are all songs that African-Americans sang during slavery times. I have to say it was an interesting experience and just for a moment...I felt as though my great ancestors were sitting right beside me, singing the songs with the choir.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Because I Trusted An Angel

Today was a wonderful day, besides the fact that it was Valentine's Day, I got a surpise of my own. It is custom in my household to go out to eat on special occasions. This Valentine's day we decided to make our way to Lupe Tortilla, one of the best Mexican restaurants my opinion. There was a massive wait, with people backed up. My sister and I usually are thrown out of the car to go place our name on the list, while our parents find a parking spot. We portray the true meaning of team work when it comes to handling the crazy city life. However, after finding out it was a 30 minute wait and we had no time to spare on a school night, my sister and I turned around to see an old man in front of us. As we tried to manuever around him, he seemed to creepily stare. "Happy Valentine's Day, pretty girls!" he exclaimed to my sisters and I. I showed enough of a smile to show sincerity and thanks for the nice compliment, but odd way of doing so. Then he proceeded to tell me to go back up to the line and check in. "I already did." I said, trying to remember talking to strangers wasn't instilled in me as a wise decision. I grabbed my sister's hand, being protective, and continued to waver through the crowd. "Go check again." What's wrong with this guy! He's crazyyy! This is all I could think as my heart pounded, thinking of one of those scary and depressing stories where girls are stolen. "Check again." I kept hearing him say and the words became more and more distant...but something inside of me told me to go back and put our name on the list. So...oddly enough...I did. " of 4." I said, tapping my fingers on the wooden pedastal nervously, as my eyes darted for any sign of the man. The woman began getting together menus. "Child's menu?" she asked, but I stared at her blankly. She probably thought I was mentally challenged, but I was in shock. A 30 minute wait just turned into no wait at all. My parents then walked in and we went to our table. Throughout the night, I looked and looked for the man, but could never find him. I can't help but believe he was an angel. As much as my family wanted to eat at Lupe Tortilla, the wait was too long, and homework was calling my sister's and I's name. But, all thanks to a man urging me to go check in again, we had a delightful dinner. Crazy, right?!

It sort of reminds me of when Jesus urges Peter to place his fishing net on the other side of the boat. As reluctant as Peter is to doing it, he does it anyway, and is truly blessed. There's no doubt that tonight's scenario was creepy. But, nonetheless, it was a blessing as well!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Somebody to Love

Where's the love?! It's amazing to see how divorce rates are skyrocketing and people are taking marriage and love less seriously. Teens are believing they're in love and ruining their lives over something that's supposed to make you better. Whereas adults are putting love off as something unnecessary and comical. For the past month, my English class has been studying sarcasm and humor by using "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman. Many people hear "Princess Bride" and think about the movie classic starring Robin Wright. However, the movie and book have two different undertones. While the movie teaches the power of true love...the books says other wise constantly mocking the idea of "true love". Through this sarcastic study I have come to the question of..."Does true love actually exist?"

I see my parents...middle school sweethearts. Though they have changed when they first met...u still see a glowing love between the two of them. They laugh at the same things and complete each other's sentences. Though they may not be openly affectionate like newlyweds they still show a mind blowing and chilling love for each other. But they met a longggg time ago. Not trying to put an age on my parents, but back then times were different. I believe in this day and age, finding love is harder and harder because people don't really care too much about it's importance. Committment seems to be too much for people.

My dad is a pastor and he always has interesting stories to tell my family about church members. Part of his job is counciling married couples and some of the things said are shocking. People who have been married for 3 months have come to him wanting a divorce because they believe "they're not the one". But I always ask my dad..."Wouldn't they have known that before they tied the knot?" In "Princess Bride", Buttercup, the main character, accepts Prince Humperdinck's hand in marriage saying "She will never love him". Sometimes, I feel as though people get married out of fear of being alone or just for the right of saying, "I'M MARRIED!". However, it's not my job to figure it out. I'm just focusing on having a good time hoping when the time comes my husband will be everything I want and more!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Deitrick Haddon - Well Done

New Beginnings

Yes. I know. It's not the New Year but I think it's time for a few changes in my life. I haven't written on my blog in a while, but after a suprising cancellation of tennis practice and little homework, I figured I had nothing to lose. My life has been so crazy. Between friends, guys, school, family, and keeping up with my spiritual hasn't been exactly easy. However, I'm ready for some new commitments after months of committing to the wrong things. All I have to say is my life is about to change drastically. I am going to be dedicated to loving people instead of worrying about loving myself. From now on, I will look in the mirror and see someone full of promise because she loves and helps others daily. I can't wait for the new life I have committed to. There is one song that I have fallen in love with. It explains what we hope and want God to say to us when we finally cross over. We want him to be pleased and hopefully with my new life I will get exactly that response! Above is the music video of the song. Listen to the lyrics. I love them.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


For the past month, I have been honored with an amazinggggg opportunity, the opportunity of being confirmed. What does this mean? In the Methodist Church, we believe in baptizing babies. Of course, when they are baptized that have no clue what is going on. The only questions running through their mind is "someone needs to change my diaper". However, this is why we go through the process of "confirmation". This process allows anyone, but specifically youth, to study the Bible and do activites to become closer with God, eventually making them a better person. After a few sessions, you are confirmed and say an oath in front of the whole church.

I was almost in tears when I received my Bible and "confirmed" necklace. It means a lot to me. I've learned so much and truly believe Jesus is my Savior. I know he will be here for me no matter what. I truly feel like a new and improved Christian and now know what it means to live according to him. In my opinion, I believe everyone should go through a process of the kind, just to receive more knowledge of the faith. More than anything I took out of the process that prayer is a great thing. I tend to come to God only when I need him and I vowed to try my best to change that. I can honestly say that I have been making an effort to do so and now it has become so easy.

This reminds me of today in Bible class, when my teacher Coach Hawley, showed us a video of an example when we call on God, sometimes when it's too late. This reminded me of myself in so many ways in the sense that people do that all the time. We tend to forget God and wait until something major happens to call to hi. NEWSFLASH: He will be there no matter what. However, we should make a habit of praying. We should try to come to him for anything. Also, not just praying for yourself. Thank him for things he has done. Ask him for the right way to help someone else, rather than just yourself. In the end, Christianity all comes down to love. Loving yourself, loving others and most of all loving God, can defeat all obstacles. But, these 3 love actions don't come over night. It takes prayer and patience.

I am so happy confirmation taught me these important things about my religion. Therefore, I am proud to say....I AM A CONFIRMED CHRISTIAN!

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Amazing

My dad is as great believer of bringing people to church who are basically scared of "crosses" and never have even stepped into a church in their lives. He believe when these type of people's the best thing. Honestly, I 100% which has made me step out of my comfort zone and embrace those who may not have as many resources and look as clean cut as me. However, my dad is a strong believer that the way this gets done is by bringing the arts into our church services. Arts meaning: skits, poems, and art. This actually works though. Those who never knew Jesus see him in a different light and understand him on a less deep level, compared to so many who compare church folks with those funny people who "speak in tongues".

Last night, a great thing happened. Our painoist had his first album release party at our location. It was an enjoyable evening. I even was able to perform a poem I made myself about music. We invited people from all over and it was once again a GREAT experience. The jazz music played was unforgettable from songs such as "My Funny Valentine" and "Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing". People laughed, danced, and people tried to stay in tune while they sang along to their all time favorite songs. I, myself, was able to enjoy a number of couples who danced. One couple seemed as though they took salsa lessons. They definitely inspired my mom...but...I don't think my dad will be too thrilled when my mom brings home a "Couple's Salsa Dancing" brochure. So much happened, I can't put it into words...but if there's one thing I know...God was definitely present.

Overall, last nigh, my dad explained that his dream was coming true. His dream of connecting arts to church is slowly coming true and I am so happy to be a part of it. My dad is my hero and one day I hope to see religion the way he does.